Frequently Asked Questions for Weddings

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If you didn't know I have my wedding frequently asked questions on my wedding pricelist page. But I've decided to put them here so they are easier to find. Please have a read but if you do have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Questions: How many weddings have you shot?

Answer: over 250 (I've given up counting)

Questions: Do you shoot same-sex marriages?

Answer: Yes I do, I've shot multiple same-sex marriages and got no issues with shooting them at all.   

Questions: So there isn’t going to be a bride as it’s a same-sex marriage - is this okay??

Answer: No problems at all, I've shot multiple same-sex marriages and got no issues with shooting them at all.   

Questions: Do you have a drone and is it possible to get drone photos of the wedding?

Answer:  Yes I do have a drone and yes it is possible to get drone photos of the wedding depending on the location. Following the rules by CASA and depending on the owner of the property where you're having your wedding says that it's ok and sometimes it depends on the suburb. If it's possible I'll put my drone up and we'll get some photos.

Question: Do you have a photo booth?

Answer: Yes I do, and you can add it to your photography package for an additional cost.  It includes props, different backdrops to choose from and a custom design for your prints. For more information please have a look at my website

Question:  Do you put watermarks on the photos that are sent to clients?

Answer:  No I don't. I only put watermarks on the photo when posting on social media or advertising.  

Question:  Do you shoot film or digital?

Answer:  I shoot digital.

Question:  How do we receive our photos?

All digital images are provided via a private Google Drive link and a private Gallery on my Website.
Packages over 6 hours include a USB. But if you want a USB drive as well that is not included in your hours it will cost extra. 

Question: Can we shoot at multiple locations?

Answer: Yes, As long as we can get there in the time you have me booked for. 

Question:  We are awkward and don't really like to get our photos taken, will you be able to pose and instruct us?  

Answer: Yes, I'll be able to help you with that. It's ok we're all awkward in some way and if you're booking a package I might suggest getting an engagement shoot as well. This will help you with getting comfortable in front of the camera. Don't worry, it's not all serious poses, you've got to have some fun too.

Question: How many photos do we get? 

Answer: It depends on how long you hire me for haha. 6 hours packages have been getting a minimum of 600 photos. So say 90-110 per hour. Is there a limitation on how many photos? No.

Question: Do we receive all the photos you take? 

Answer: You don't receive all the photos. I cull out any of the bad photos, photos that are out of focus, people blinking in group photos, and duplicate photos.  

Question: We don't want our photos shared on social media, used for marketing, or promoted on your website.... is that ok?

Answer: Yeah, that's not a problem. I respect if a client wishes to have their photographs strictly private, please inform me before or at the session.

Question: Can we shoot at multiple locations?

Answer: Yes, As long as we can get there in the time you have me booked for. 

Question: Is there any charges for the meeting?

Answer: No there isn't.

Question: What is your dress code?

Answer: Neat casual. Long sleeve shirt with rolled-up sleeves, grey or dark blue chinos and brown shoes.

Question: Do you offer engagement photoshoots or any other type of photoshoot before the wedding?

Answer: Yes I do. An engagement shoot can be added to the packages or you can turn it into a family shoot.

Question: I have some ideas that I like to do for photos. Can I send them to you?

Answer: Yeah sure no problems, please email them through. 

Question: Can we shoot on the beach?

Answer: Of course we can. Be prepared to empty out some sand.

Question: Can we have photos taken at the ‘Golden Hour’?

Answer: Yes we can. It's your day, let me know what you'd like to do. 

Question: How long in advance should I reserve my wedding date?

Answer: As early as possible. This isn't just for me but for all suppliers and venues. If you sit on the fence about it you'll miss out on your date.

Question:  When are you available and what do you charge?

Answer: My question to you is when is the date of your wedding or event and how long would you like my services for? Also please don't just give me the month your wedding is in. There are many days in a month and depending on the month most of them are already booked. 

Question: I'm worried I've left it too late to book now, do you take last minute bookings?

Answer: If I'm available, yes I do. 

Question: I've decided that I want to change my photography package and add more hours, can I do this?

Answer: Sure not a problem.

Question: Do you provide videography services?

Answer: No, but I can suggest some videographers to you.  

Question: Do you have backup gear?

Answer: Yes I do. For every wedding, event or shoot I bring 3 camera bodies, multiple lenses, memory cards and flashes. If the event of anything I'll still be able to shoot. 

Question: Are my wedding photos safe?

Answer: Yes. All my cameras write to 2 cards when taking photos for redundancy, in the event that a memory card fails. When I get home I back up your photos to my computer, an external hard drive that travels with me and my NAS. I make sure that I can see all the photos in my editing software and the memory cards get put to the side till the photos are edited and uploaded. 

Question: Do you usually work alone or with a second shooter and/or photography assistant?

Answer: I work alone unless you've asked for a second photographer. 

Question: What happens if my wedding goes a little longer than the number of hours we booked you for?

Answer: No problems. I can add the extra hour or hours onto the final invoice. 

Question: What are printing rights?

Answer: You can print the photo out for your own personal use and you don't have to have them printed by. You can get them printed anywhere.  

Question: Can you recommend a vendor for printing our photos ourselves?

Answer: Yes, I do. I like Fitzgerald Photo Imaging. They always do a great job.

Question: Are there any hidden extra costs?

Answer: Nope, what I quote you is what you get. 

Question: How long does it take to receive my wedding photographs?

Answer: 2-6 Weeks after the wedding and as long as the final payment is made. You won't be waiting months for your photos.

Question: What is the deposit and when do we pay the rest?

Answer: The deposit is 50% and you don't pay for the other half until the photos are edited 2-6 weeks after the wedding. 



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